To Young BPW in Europe

Dear Young BPW National Representative, Young BPW,
Young BPW Europe – Info
Happy New Year!
I am pleased to inform you about the creation of a new page on the Young BPW Europe Pages on Young BPW Events, where You will be able to find the next Young BPW Events, Initiatives and Actions in Europe.
The next Young BPW events in Europe will be in Lucerne, Switzerland, on 4th February. Please find attached the invitation. All information is on the webpage at Young BPW Events.
Please do not hesitate to send me in advance your next events for me to promote them via this new page, Newsletter and email.
I also attach for your view the summary of the Young BPW Best Practices for updates on your 2012 actions, events, initiatives.
I would be grateful if you could send me all necessary information to update the document, as soon as available.
I would like to welcome the new Young BPW Austria Representative, Maria Heindler,, and to wish all the very best to her predecessor Marion Klotzberg.
Should you have any questions and/or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thanks for your attention.
Kind regards
Miette Dechelle
Young BPW Europe Representative (2011-2014)