To Young BPW in Europe

Dear Young BPW National Representative, Young BPW,

Young BPW Europe – Info & Survey

I am pleased to send you the ‘ Young BPW Europe in a nutshell’ Newsletter 4-2012.

This document includes a further announcement on the coming Young BPW International Congress in Sorrento, Italy; the promotion of Young BPW work and activities in Europe and globally, a brief business plan for the coming 6 months as well as some information to support your advocacy, and next coming events.

New: I would like to raise your attention on a new tool. You can register for the newsletter directly now on the Young BPW Europe pages with a click!

New: As you know, Lobbying is one of the main goal and principle of BPW since its creation.To raise awareness and reply to the Women Principles Emporwement number 4 ‘Promote education, training and professional development for women’ and number 6 ‘Promote equality through community initiatives and advocacy’, Young BPW Europe will promote lobbying. As a first step, a survey has been created to have an overview of BPW Members’view on lobbying to better tackle the issue. To Fill in the survey, please click on Survey>>Lobbying now on the Young BPW Europe pages !

2012 is the Year of Active Ageing and we are promoting activities on the issue, please be aware on the Film competition to promote solidarity between generations, you can find all information in the Newsletter at tool’s issue.

Further more to undertake an activity that observes and promotes the annual theme of the World Health Day on April 7th and the year on active ageing, it has been proposed at International level to work on ‘Healthy Ageeing’.

Therefore, could you kindly disseminate the informaiton and encourage your members to organize a meeting/workshop/training/demonstration/event/fair, and else on the issue.
The idea will be for clubs to get together and ask an expert or a member of your club with expertise to EDUCATE/present/train/teach/share/demonstrate what means “Healthy Ageing”in today’s world.
As all Young members should be focusing on working with WEP #4 “Promoting education, training and professional development for women, by organizing and participating in this event they will be able to report on their active participation.
Do not miss the next events, all in the Newsletter and BPW Europe Event Page!

Should you have any questions and/or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for your attention.

Kind regards

Miette Dechelle

Young BPW Europe Representative (2011-2014)