Have you ever wondered if there is a secret to becoming an effective leader?
In the 21st century, all businesses will compete and cooperate globally. Leaders must think in global terms. The needs and opportunities posed by the global marketplace mean that corporations will be seeking people who can produce and perform in rapidly changing, highly competitive markets.

Women in leadership roles will need to be:
concerned about the environment,
interested in empowering others,
able to create loyal followers,
a “good” finder, and
a multi-task agent

Learn to poise yourself for leadership success!

USA trainers Trish Knight and Carolyn Grady will share examples and techniques to strengthen your key leadership traits and abilities.

Topics to be addressed:

Communication: Women know how to talk,
but sometimes they need direction to
communicate! Learn the techniques to ask
the right questions, listen for the answers,
and speak with confidence.

DISCover the Unique You: DISC is the universal language of observable human behavior. Learn to observe people and learn how to communicate better. DISC is a neutral language that describes the differences in how people approach problems, other people, pace and procedures. Learn the keys to successfully communicating with every behavioral style.

*Complete a pre-weekend online complimentary personal assessment to learn your unique behavioral style. Go to http://www.ttisurvey.com and type in code 47965YBY. Reports will be delivered on April 12-13.

Empowering Self: Identify your skills and interests and realize your leadership potential. Create positive self-talk and reprogram old patterns of negative thinking. Learn to boost your confidence in networking, meetings, interviews, and leadership roles. Promote your talents and expertise effectively.

Motivation & Teamwork: Organizations depend on individuals who have learned how to work together. Discover your management style, do you de-motivate or activate others? Practice how to de-stress yourself and others. Be a loyalty builder in your organization.




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